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* [[Press Review]]
* [[Press Review]]
* [[Special:Allpages|Index of all pages]]
* [[Special:Allpages|Index of all pages]]
* [[Howto: change andLinux network configuration]]

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Welcome to the andLinux Wiki

Here you'll find docs on andLinux contributed by the andLinux community.

Note (03/30/2008): Ok, to state it more clearly: This wiki is just a few days old and therefore still nearly empty. As David and me don't have the time to answer all questions and write different guides for the newbie, the advanced user, the expert user, and so on, we set up this wiki so that everybody can contribute to the documentation of andLinux. If you like andLinux and are willing to support this project, please sign up to the wiki (and / or forum) and help to document andLinux. Be sure that your contribution is really much appreciated!

Don't be worried to write something in the 'wrong place' - there is no predefined structure. Just add your contribution where you think it's the correct place. Feel free to create new pages. If necessary we can move / restructure things later as we go along. Don't be shy - dare to edit the Main Page :-) - Joachim

Meanwhile, see the main page for an introduction to andLinux.


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