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Finally, let's conclude with an example:
Finally, let's conclude with an example:
<tt>andlinux-beta2-kde.exe /sp- /silent /stable=0 /mem=2
<tt>andlinux-beta2-kde.exe /sp- /silent /stable=0 /mem=2 /xming=0 /xming_res=1 /xming_resx=1920 /xming_resy=1200 /sound=0 /service=2 /user=joe /passwd=joespw /mount=2 /smb_share=JoeShare /smb_user=Joe /smb_passwd=joespw /tasks=ql_konsole,ql_dolphin,se_konsole,se_dolphin,se_kate</tt>
/xming=0 /xming_res=1 /xming_resx=1920 /xming_resy=1200
/sound=0 /service=2 /user=joe /passwd=joespw /mount=2
/smb_share=JoeShare /smb_user=Joe /smb_passwd=joespw

Current revision

All Installer settings can also be specied via command line parameters. Multi-option choices are numbered from top to bottom, starting with number 0, i.e., 0 corresponds to "stable kernel" and 1 to "testing kernel" for the kernel settings, for example. Each parameter starts with a slash, followed by the parameter name, the equality sign, and the value, without any spaces in between. To install the stable kernel, for example, the parameter is /stable=0 ("stable" is the parameter name of the stable kernel question).

These are the parameter names for all the installer questions:

stable = kernel question
mem = memory question
xming = install Xming question
xming_res = non-default Xming resolution question
xming_resx = non-default Xming resolution (width)
xming_resy = non-default Xming resolution (height)
sound = install PulseAudio question
startup = startup type question
user = andLinux username
passwd = andLinux password
mount = Windows file access question
cofs = absolute path of CoFS shared folder
smb_share = share name of Samba shared folder
smb_user = Samba username
smb_passwd = Samba password
dir = absolute path of installation directory
group = name of startmenu group

All checkboxes for creating icons or file associations can be (de-)selected by (not) including the corresponding value into the comma-separated value list of the tasks parameter. The values are:

di_startup = desktop icon "start andLinux"
di_fltk = desktop icon for FLTK console
di_nt = desktop icon for NT console
ql_startup = quick launch icon "start andLinux"
ql_fltk = quick launch icon for FLTK console
ql_nt = quick launch icon for NT console

In the KDE version also these values are defined:

ql_konsole = quick launch icon for Konsole
ql_dolphin = quick launch icon for Dolphin
ql_konqueror = quick launch icon for Konqueror
ql_kmail = quick launch icon for KMail
ql_kontact = quick launch icon for Kontact
ql_korganizer = quick launch icon for KOrganizer
se_konsole = Konsole in explorer context menu
se_dolphin = Dolphin in explorer context menu
se_kate = Kate in explorer context menu
fa_kwd = file association .kwd (KWord)
fa_ksp = file association .ksp (KSpread)
fa_kpr = file association .kpr (KPresenter)
fa_kexi = file association .kexi (Kexi)
fa_flw = file association .flw (Kivio)
fa_karbon = file association .karbon (Karbon)
fa_kra = file association .kra (Krita)
fa_kplato = file association .kplato (KPlato)
fa_chrt = file association .chrt (KChart)
fa_kfo = file association .kfo (KFormula)
fa_tex = file association .tex (Kile)
fa_bib = file association .bib (Kile)
fa_dvi = file association .dvi (Okular)
fa_eps = file association .eps (Okular)
fa_ps = file association .ps (Okular)
fa_pdf = file association .pdf (Okular)

In the minimal/XFCE version also these values are defined:

ql_terminal = quick launch icon for XFCE Terminal
ql_thunar = quick launch icon for Thunar
se_terminal = XFCE Terminal in explorer context menu
se_thunar = Thunar in explorer context menu
se_mousepad  = Mousepad in explorer context menu

All the parameters explained so far will check the desired options and enter the respective values in their corresponding fields. In order to make the installation silent, i.e., suppress all the wizard pages and "Are you sure?" questions, you additionally need to specify the /sp- and /silent parameters.

Finally, let's conclude with an example:

andlinux-beta2-kde.exe /sp- /silent /stable=0 /mem=2 /xming=0 /xming_res=1 /xming_resx=1920 /xming_resy=1200 /sound=0 /service=2 /user=joe /passwd=joespw /mount=2 /smb_share=JoeShare /smb_user=Joe /smb_passwd=joespw /tasks=ql_konsole,ql_dolphin,se_konsole,se_dolphin,se_kate

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