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Accessing Windows printers using the TCP/IP printer service



As mentionned in the FAQ, one can print from andLinux to local Windows printers through standard Microsoft printer sharing. This however requires the installation and configuration of Samba on the Linux side, and of File-and-printer sharing one the Windows side. This may not work smoothly for some people, for various reasons related to the complexity of the protocols.

Alternatively, these is a more Unix-like way to print to a Windows printer. The relies on running the TCP/IP print server built into XP/Vista, and then using it as a remote lpd queue for anLinux printers.

Here are the steps neccesary to achieve this.

Setup TCP/IP Print Server in Windows XP

1. Select Start:Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs"

2. Select "Add/Remove Windows Components" in the left panel

3. In the list of components, scroll down and check the box for "Other Network and File Print Services"

4. Check "Print Services for Unix"

5. Click Finish to exit

6. Exit the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel

7. Select Start:Control Panel:Administrative Tools

8. Double-click "Services"

9. Find "TCP/IP Print Server" in the list and double-click it; its property sheet will appear

10. Change "Startup Type" to "Automatic" and click the "Apply" button

11. Exit the control panel

Setup TCP/IP Print Server in Windows Vista

1. Select Start:Control Panel and select "Programs and features"

2. Select "Turn Windows features On or Off" in the left panel

3. In the list of features, check the box for "LPD print service" under "Print Services"

4. Press OK to apply the change

5. Exit the control panel

Share your printer

1. Go to the Printers control panel

2. Right-click on the printer to be shared and select "Sharing"

3. If sharing is not enabled, activate it (don't use the wizard).

4. Share the printer and give it a name

5. Exit the Printers panel

Setup the andLinux printer

1. First make sure necessary printer packages are present:
apt-get install cupsddk cupsddk-drivers cupsys cupsys-client cupsys-common cupsys-driver-gutenprint
foomatic-db foomatic-db-engine foomatic-filters openprinting-ppds openprinting-ppds-extra 

2. In the KDE control center (kcontrol), section "Peripherals", subsection "Printers", select CUPS as the "Print system currently used" and then add a printer.

3. In the add-printer-wizard, choose "Remote lpd queue"

4. For the host, enter the Windows host IP address, typically

5. For the queue, enter the shared printer name from the previous section.

6. Choose the manufacturer and model and configure as needed

7. Print a test page. If nothing prints, verify firewall settings. A common fix is also to substitute the host address with the local Windows IP address, which can be found with the ipconfig conmmand in a Windows command terminal (run: cmd.exe then ipconfig)

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