Howto: open externally accessible ports for SSH server, webserver, etc.

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In order to make any servers running on andLinux (e.g. sshd, apache2, etc.) accessible from the Internet, you can activate port forwarding on the coLinux slirp network interface (eth0). For example, to open TCP port 22 (ssh), edit the andLinux configuration file C:\Program Files\andLinux\settings.txt as follows: change the line with




and ensure that your Windows firewall settings allow colinux-slirp-net-daemon.exe to open port 22. Then you are able to ssh into your andLinux installation using your andLinux and your Windows IP address. In case your Windows computer is located in a private subnet behind a router, you additionally need to forward TCP port 22 in your router and then use the router's public IP address to access your andLinux installation from the internet. Of course, you should pay attention to the usual security precautions like setting strong passwords etc.

To configure a webserver, the things to do are more or less identical, except that you'll have to use TCP port 80 instead of 22. In case you wish to open multiple ports, they have to be separated by slashes in the configuration file, e.g. like this:


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