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andLinux is configured with two network interfaces by default, eth0 and eth1. The eth1 is used to communicate to the Windows host via the TAP-Colinux network interface.

The Windows interface is configured with ip address, and the Linux eth1 adapter is configured with The TAP-Colinux interface operates as a router, so from the Windows host you can ping the eth1 interface and access the various network services you have configured.

What needs to be changed?

In order to change the network ip addresses you need to modify the following configuration items:

  • andLinux eth1 ip address and subnet
  • andLinux /etc/hosts file
  • andLinux /etc/profile configuration file
  • TAP-Colinux ip address and subnet
  • andLinux launcher registry configuration
  • add the new ip address to the Xming allowed hosts file


In this example we will change the network to be The Windows host will keep the host address 1, andLinux eth1 will retain the host id 150.

andLinux eth1 ip address configuration

The eth1 static ip configuration is stored in the '/etc/network/interfaces' config file. So we are going to edit this file to reflect the following information:

iface eth1 inet static

andLinux /etc/hosts file

The hosts file is used to resolve windows-host used in mounting the host smb share.   windows-host

andLinux /etc/profile configuration

In order to ensure that the andLinux components interact properly with their Windows counterpart we need to edit the /etc/profile files content as shown here:

# set DISPLAY env variable
export DISPLAY=
export ESPEAKER=

TAP-Colinux ip address configuration

Change the TAP-Colinux network interface from to

andLinux launcher configuration

Add the following registry key, which is not present by default:


Note: In andLinux Beta 2 the default launcher port changed from 81 (hex: 51) to 2081 (hex: 821). So, if you are using older versions of andLinux, you'll need 51 instead of 821 in the registry setting above.

Xming Configuration on the windows host

Edit the X0.hosts file located in the Xming directory of your andLinux installation. Within the directory you'll find the X0.hosts file. This file controls which hosts on the network will able to connect to the Xming server so we need to tell it about the new ip address we've assigned. Open it and add the ip address you've assigned andLinux. You can remove the existing ip address as it is no longer required.



After restarting andLinux your launcher will connect to the network services providing access to binary files.

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