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Latest Stable

andLinux Beta 2 (final)

KDE version, 537 MB:

minimal / XFCE version, 200 MB:

Note: You need to run the installer with administrator privileges.

Security warning: It is recommended to use andLinux only on single-user-PCs or in a trustworthy environment because the communication with the X-Server and the launcher is not secured, i.e., every user who can login to Windows can access andLinux.

Previous Versions

andLinux Beta 2 rc1

KDE version, 523 MB:

minimal / XFCE version, 171 MB:

andLinux Beta 1 (final)

KDE version, 653 MB:

minimal / XFCE version, 131 MB:

andLinux Beta 1 rc6

KDE version, 665 MB:

minimal / XFCE version, 143 MB:

andLinux PreBeta

minimal / XFCE version, 190 MB:

andLinux POC v2.1

minimal / XFCE version, 320 MB:

Licensing / Copying

This software is covered under the GPL. Use this software at your own risk! No fault will be taken by andLinux or anyone involved with andLinux.

You may not sell andLinux, but are welcome to distribute it freely. This is not a GPL violation as the andLinux name is owned by David Solomon.

You may not use the andLinux name without written permission from David Solomon.